Head of partnership

Johannes Hill brings extensive fintech and retail banking experience, including as former CEO of Visma Finance. He's a specialist in banking-ERP convergence, partnerships, and fintech solutions. Contact him for fintech and ERP insights and a Mynt platform demo.
Case studies

Flexible implementation options to suit your needs.

Tailor the solution to your preferences, whether it's a fast integration with expense management in your app and web, a native integration using our APIs, or selecting specific functions like team collaboration and receipt image capture. We're here to work closely with you.
Brand your own cards
We issue your card, in your brand. Both physical and virtual cards that work all around the globe.
Increase your NPS
Increase your customer satisfaction by having a full service solution for spend management
Credit operations
Choose from a multitude of different credit solutions, partial payments, pay as you go etc. Highly automated.
New revenue streams
Add functionality to your system and increase revenue per customer.
Virtual and physical cards
Physical cards are great. Virtual cards are instant and work online or can be added to mobile pay services.
Fastest time to market
Depending on the level of integration that you want to have, your solution can be ready in weeks.

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We provide flexible implementation options to suit your needs.
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