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Mynt is a card issuer with a comprehensive spend management solution that can be built in natively through APIs to your system
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Why spend management?

Automated spend management software can certainly be a game-changer for businesses and individuals alike. By streamlining expense tracking, providing real-time insights, and simplifying financial operations, it can lead to greater efficiency and cost savings for the customer and a new revenue stream for the provider.

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We provide flexible implementation options to suit your needs.
Receipt Management
Many automated spend management systems offer receipt capture and storage capabilities, making it easy to attach receipts to transactions and reconcile expenses.
Credit Operations
Managing credit operations becomes more efficient with Mynt technologies. Users can monitor outstanding balances, payments, and credit limits. And
Spending Limits
Setting and enforcing spending limits can prevent overspending and help control costs. This is especially valuable for corporate cards to ensure compliance with company policies.
Spend Analytics
The software can offer real-time insights into spending patterns, helping individuals and businesses make informed financial decisions.
Expense Tracking
Automated spend management software allows users to easily capture and categorize expenses, eliminating the need for manual entry of receipts and transactions.

Increase customer satisfaction

Payment cards present a quick and convenient payment choice for customers, enhancing their overall satisfaction and experience with your business. When combined with a spend management solution built into your business you’ll increase your product offering and in increase customer retention.

New revenue streams

Choosing Mynt means expanding your product range to include cards and a comprehensive transaction and accounting management solution for customers, a service you can charge extra for as you like. Mynt also offers a lucrative revenue-sharing model that allows you to earn from all expenditures.

A complete solution

Mynt has full authority to issue credit and debit card for third parties through the Financial Supervisory Authority
Customizable Spending Controls
Add Precise controls for complex industry requirements. Define spending limits for the card on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
Merchant Contracts
Restrict card usage to specific merchants för specific users based of your business case.
Regulatory Compliance
Ensure that the cards and software adhere to specific regulations in your industry or market.
Geo-Fencing and Route-Based Controls
Set geographical boundaries where a payment card can be used, restricting transactions to specific locations.
Individualized Budgets and Spending Limits
Let your customers control their spend with financial caps to ensure responsible and controlled expenditure.
Real-Time Control Adjustments
Monitor and analyse card usage in real time.Adjust spending controls dynamically based on buyer behaviour, providing added security and flexibility.
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Frequent questions about Spend Management

What is spend management?

Card issuing is the process of producing and distributing payment cards, such as credit, debit, or prepaid cards, to individuals or businesses. This typically involves tasks like card design, production, activation, and managing cardholder accounts.

How does implementation work?

Card issuing involves multiple steps, including the application and approval process, card design, personalization, and physical card production. Once issued, the card must be activated by the cardholder before it can be used. The issuer (Mynt Technologies) manages the cardholder's account, processing transactions, ensuring security, and implementation of benefits such as rewards or insurance based on the card type.

Who benefits the most from an automated spend management solution?

Card issuers are entities that create and manage payment card accounts for individuals and businesses, issuing credit, debit, or prepaid cards. In contrast, card schemes, like Visa or Mastercard, serve as the infrastructure and standards governing payment card transactions, ensuring interoperability and setting fee structures for these transactions. Card issuers issue cards, while card schemes enable the global network that processes card transactions.

Make the card your own

We have confidence in your understanding of your customers, and we empower you to seamlessly integrate and customize our services to your liking. Create your branded card and incorporate the benefits that matter most, whether it's airport lounge access, fuel discounts, insurance coverage, or exclusive discounts at your preferred merchants.

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We provide flexible implementation options to suit your needs.
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