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The competitive fintech landscape demands swift growth and ample funding for challenger firms. Offering advanced payment card products can boost revenue, attract more customers, enhance their experience, and build loyalty, but the challenge is keeping up with competitors and established players.
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With Mynt tech you'll have constant access to industry experts who will assist in crafting your payment solution and support your journey every step of the way. With minimal operating costs and transparent pricing, you can attain global presence and access diverse card options and additional features as a client.

"Mynt helped us open up new revenue streams and broaden our product line"

Elin Lundström, CFO, Upsales

"Mynt helped us open up new revenue streams and broaden our product line"

Elin Lundström, CEO / Fortnox


Let us issue your card so you don’t need to worry about licensing. Our design experts helps you come up with a compliant design in your brand.

Web and Mobile

From the web, you get a complete solution and let your customer get full control of their spending. From the app, upload receipts, manage cards and authorise payments.
Tailor the solution

Embedded Cards

Launching your payment card product can be straightforward with Mynt’s Embedded. They tailor the solution to your specific goals, providing the necessary features and tools. Allowing you to focus on your core business while Mynt manages your card business and compliance.

Mynt APIs are packed with features

We provide flexible implementation options to suit your needs.
Receipt Management
Many automated spend management systems offer receipt capture and storage capabilities, making it easy to attach receipts to transactions and reconcile expenses.
Credit Operations
Managing credit operations becomes more efficient with Mynt technologies. Users can monitor outstanding balances, payments, and credit limits. And
Spending Limits
Setting and enforcing spending limits can prevent overspending and help control costs. This is especially valuable for corporate cards to ensure compliance with company policies.
Spend Analytics
The software can offer real-time insights into spending patterns, helping individuals and businesses make informed financial decisions.
Expense Tracking
Automated spend management software allows users to easily capture and categorize expenses, eliminating the need for manual entry of receipts and transactions.

Why use Mynt Tech as Partner

Mynt has full authority to issue credit and debit card for third parties through the Financial Supervisory Authority
Independent EMI License
We possess our own Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license and do not rely on third-party intermediaries within the European Economic Area (EEA). Our license is granted by the reputable Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, known for its stringent compliance standards.
Software to expand your offering
We offer software to to support your Bin sponsored product for businesses. Transaction view, credit interface aswell as an extensive spend management API with automated accounting and recipe handling.
Streamlined Partnership
Partnering with us for both BIN sponsorship and card issuance streamlines administrative tasks and ensures seamless alignment and optimization of processes.
Regulatory Expertise
You won't need to become a payments regulation expert or stay vigilant for future rule changes and industry practices that require implementation.
Low Financial Barriers
Issuing cards with us doesn't necessitate an extensive financial commitment or a significant equity investment.
Credit handling
Mynt offers a multitude of different credit solutions, partial payments, pay as you go etc. Flexible for the customer and highly automated, creating a smooth customer journey.

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We provide flexible implementation options to suit your needs.
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