Modern problems require modern solutions

Add value by building in a modern and comprehensive spend management system to your customers.
Card provider to
Spend management

Add value to you and your 
corporate customers

Mynt Platform provides a comprehensive spend management through cards to your bank. With module control so that you can costume the offering to your specifications. Add card management and use your exiting BIN range.

Legacy processors hinder, modern platforms compete.

Outdated technology
Outdated banking infrastructure can lack adequate flexibility or developer support, prohibiting customization and personalized customer experiences. Responding to new customer needs is hindered by legacy infrastructure, as customer expectations are changing rapidly, requiring speed and agility to bring new features to the market. Decades of tech debt drive up costs, as disparate legacy systems often require extensive resources and investments to maintain.
The solution
A modular and seemless system
Empower your costumers with a modern, API-first platform, allowing you to take control with tools like dynamic spend controls, real-time data access and more. Confidently evolve to keep pace with the market by building, testing, and continuously refining your offerings for innovative use cases. Create operational efficiencies and improve your bottom line by transitioning to a cloud-native platform that seamlessly integrates into your existing workflows.

Why ues Mynt Tech APIs for spend management?

Mynt has full authority to issue credit and debit card for third parties
Launch a digital-first bank
Tap into a fresh digital consumer segment through our pre-built integrations with modern cores and personalized card products.
Business first
A system for easier spend management solutions helps elevate your existing product increasing LTV and making your corporate customers happier.
Streamlined Partnership
Focus on your core business and user experience with our high-performance API based platform. You can choose your own BIN or get it from us, tailored to your needs. Plus, our seasoned industry experts will be there every step of the way to guide you toward your goal.

"Mynt helped us open up new revenue streams and broaden our product line"

Elin Lundström, CFO, Upsales

"Mynt helped us open up new revenue streams and broaden our product line"

Elin Lundström, CEO / Fortnox


Let us issue your card so you don’t need to worry about licensing. Our design experts helps you come up with a compliant design in your brand.

Web and Mobile

From the web, you get a complete solution and let your customer get full control of their spending. From the app, upload receipts, manage cards and authorise payments.
Practice of efficiency

What is spend management?

Spend management is the practice of efficiently overseeing and controlling an organization's expenses, including procurement, budgeting, and vendor management. It aims to reduce costs, ensure compliance with spending policies, and optimise resource allocation. Utilizing data and technology is key to achieving these goals.

Branded cards

"Mynt helped us open up new revenue streams and broaden our product line"

Elin Lundström, CEO / Fortnox

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