Insurance and rewards

Add unique benefits to your card offering such as travel insurance, lounge access, discounts and much more.
Card provider to

Add travel insurance

Provide insurance as a service connected to you card. It can save th customer a substantial amount of money, offering reassurance before, throughout, and even following your journey.

Discounts and benefits

Loyalty programs represent a significant business asset capable of yielding substantial financial rewards. They also facilitate enhanced customer engagement and serve as an effective marketing channel. Our solutions are designed to manage all these aspects efficiently.

Add that little extra

Make your offering stand out with unique rewards and perks
Ensure your customers feel secure and protected, aware that all their business travel is comprehensively safeguarded by a range of safety measures for any issues that may arise during their journeys.
Lounge access
Add exclusive access to all cardholders to different airport lunges around the world.
Create your own points system, tailor made for your customer base with locality sorted vendors that your customer can benefit from.
Branded cards

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