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The Fintech company Mynt has joined forces with Visa, a global leader in digital payments, to bring Mynt’s new fully embedded card solution to more SMEs than ever. The solution allows Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) fleet and fuel companies and banks to offer top-notch fully embedded corporate cards and spend management solutions to their customers.
"I am incredibly pleased to announce our new collaboration with Visa. Our goal is to create a new ecosystem for banks and ERPs to provide SMEs with an easy way to manage company spend. Thanks to our partnership with Visa, we can offer more companies and banks a full product suite in spend management and better collaborate with issuers that want to improve their offerings, but not necessarily develop all the tech from scratch. This is a significant milestone for us, but above all, for the millions of entrepreneurs in Europe who can now get better financial control through smart corporate cards" says Baltsar Sahlin, CEO and co-founder at Mynt.
The product
One of the most common questions in accounting is: What is the best way to manage expenses? Recognizing the significance of this inquiry, Mynt has over the last four years created a stand-alone solution that has accumulated thousands of small and medium-sized business customers and established itself as one of the largest spend management solution in the Nordics.

Mynt is now introducing a truly unique API-based full-service solution for embedded cards, expense management and spend management. It boasts a modular feature setup, enabling partners to choose from a wide range of features to suit their customers, that can be seamlessly integrated into partner systems in a matter of months. Apart from this, the partner can also take advantage of a fully white labeled version, where a bank can get a branded web and mobile app that can elevate an existing corporate card offering. Great for legacy systems that want to modernize their product and keep customers engaged.

With Mynt you get all you need at one place. While offering card issuance as a service is commonplace, in order to launch a card product, a lot more than just card issuing is needed. Customers need to be able to handle cards, analyze spend, enable credit and much more. With Mynt’s solution everything is included in order to elevate all partners, whether you are a bank, a fuel company or an ERP aspiring to enhance your offering.
The partnership
The partnership between Mynt and Visa centers around providing these comprehensive solutions, including issuing Visa cards, and integrating Mynt's successful spend management software natively or white labeled into the partners system. Mynt will leverage Visa's extensive payment network to offer seamless and secure card issuing services. This, combined with a modular setup for expense management where the partner can choose from a wide range of features, makes the partnership unique and ensures that SMEs have access to cutting-edge payment solutions, fostering growth and financial flexibility.
A proven method
Mynt's solution has already demonstrated its success, with integration into some of the largest ERPs in the Nordics. The Fortnox card, launched in late October, is now part of the broader range of products offered to Swedish customers. The card, issued as a Visa card, comes with accompanying receipt management software through Mynt.

“Since launching our existing partnerships have been a success for both parties, I’m really glad to join up with Visa to provide this valuable service to more entrepreneurs in Europe.” Says Johannes Hill, Head of Partnerships at Mynt.

Philip Konopik, Regional Managing Director at Visa in the Nordics and Baltics, added, “This collaboration reflects Visa's commitment to empowering businesses with innovative payment solutions. More than ever helping our clients leverage the best in class solutions and innovation is foundational to the value we bring. Our open approach means Visa clients can take advantage of not only our leading technology and security standards, but also access best-in-class innovation from Visa Partners like Mynt. At Visa, we support small businesses, and we believe that they play a critical role in helping to advance digitalization and inclusive growth. Together with Mynt, we look forward to help our clients supercharge their banking and payment solutions for SMEs .”